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  1. teresa hernandez ortiz

    my name is teresa
    my last name is hernandez
    i am 15 years old
    i live in nicolas romero edo de mex
    i live with my mother, my father and sister
    i like to study , surf in the net and watche tv
    i don’t like to i like it all day at my house
    my favorite film is crepusculo
    my favorite dish is camarones
    my favorite place to go is oaxaca and puebla
    on saturday i like to i like going to parties
    my favorite tv program self incrieble
    my favorite subjectis chemistry and biology laboratory
    on sunday i usually go to market
    i want to study to be a ecologist and to help the world
    In two years i plan to complete the vocational
    i want to get married in oaxaca and puebla if not
    i like english because if it is nice when you know
    i don’t like english because i don’t like that i greatly complicates
    my paren think i am smart but very playful
    my faforite singer , group,singer is thursday of the ear vang and my favorite group is three vallejo
    my favorite actor,actress in edit gonzales
    in bedroom i have posters and a shelf with many stuffed animals


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